November 2019

InCryptid Series

After only a few chapters of the first book in Seanan McGuire's InCryptid series, Discount Armageddon, I am hooked. I need to devour this series like I devoured her Wayward Children series and stat! It's fast-paced, full of action and creatures (my favorite kind of book!) and there's already enough conflict to make me feel like I'm dying to know what's happening next. I love the premise of cryptid hunters and protectors and I can't wait to see where it goes.

E.T. Xfinity Ad

Xennials are going gaga over the latest Xfinity ad, but I'm not so sure I like the whole modern take on E.T. For starters, it's definitely banking on our nostalgia, which isn't bad in and of itself: I love 80s culture used in modern media. What I don't love is how they reused every element from the original to make this ad without any real movement or meaning included in it. 

Fall Lanterns

As the fall winds down to a close, my family has been making fun crafts with the leaves in our yard. Each year we make a few things before raking them all into the back yard or mulching them up for our compost pile and this year I am so in love with the fall lantern craft. 

Holiday Treats For Teens

I've been hosting monthly teen parties for a few years and if there's anything I've learned, it's that teens can eat a LOT! We usually have enough as long as everyone brings something to share, and it's always fun to make something cute or exciting that you know they'll enjoy eating. Hearing them exclaim over a treat is one of my favorite parts, and while I'm not always able to make something homemade, I do try to when I can.

Ectopic Pregnancies Are Not Viable!

Ohio is at it again with their war on women. This time they are legislating death sentences and heartache by ordering doctors to "re-implant" ectopic pregnancies or be charged with "abortion murder." You guys... we can't make this stuff up, and if it weren't so devastating, frightening and horrific, it would be hilarious. These politicians are NOT doctors and they do NOT understand. 

Cat Cookies

Do your cats know what "cookies" are? At my house, the dogs and cats come running if we offer "cookies," which is what we call treats, but they also sell homemade cookies for cats and dogs. I went into a specialty shop the the other day where they actually sold homemade cookies made for dogs and cats! They are so beautiful that you 'd think they are made for humans instead.

Shopping For A Green Thumb

Gardeners, if I were to ask you just what you wanted this year, with no questions asked and no expense spared, what would you ask Santa for in regards to your gardening needs? I have a big piece of property that I know I'd ask for help with! Maybe Santa could let me borrow a few elves for groundskeeping purposes. Aside from that, I know I'd love a greenhouse for some all-year vegetables (not to mention veggies kept away from the deer), and maybe a beekeeping class.

Sezzle, AfterPay and Pay Later Programs

Many websites, from Hot Topic to lots of indie brands, are now offering multiple pay-later options. Companies like Sezzle and AfterPay allow you to put down a down payment and order your goods if you promise to pay three more equal installments, each two weeks after the next, until your products are paid off. There's no fees or interest as long as you pay on time, and it's like layaway but better, since you don't have to wait for your items.