July 2018

Radioactive Waste 344 - US Radiopharmaceuticals Ordered To Decommission Two Plants In Denton, Texas By August 2019

Trace Life Sciences (TLS) owned and operated two plants in Denton, Texas where medical radioisotopes were manufactured for diagnosing disease and treating cancer. When the financial backers of the company went into receivership, TLS closed the Denton plants in 2009.

I miss you

Dear President Obama,

I miss you.
I miss your honesty
I miss your integrity
I miss your compassion and passion
I miss your respect for this country and it's citizens
I miss your smile

Blessings to you, your family and all those you love.

Nuclear Weapons 347 - Turkeys Nuclear Ambitions - Part 1 of 2 Part

Part 1 of 2 Parts
       In the past, Turkey has been uninterested in developing nuclear weapons because the U.S. has stationed missiles with nuclear warheads in Turkey since 1959 as part of NATO agreements. It is estimated that there are fifty U.S. B61 nuclear bombs at the Turkish Incirlik Air Base to serve as a deterrent.