September 2012

YA supernatural fever

They’re everywhere! And I love it!

When I was a teen, like many teens today, I loved supernatural young adult fiction. The witches, vampires, werewolves and other creatures absolutely thrilled me. They still do. Unlike today’s teens, however, I didn’t have such fiction readily available. With the exception of a few classical favorites—like Lord of the Rings and A Wrinkle in Time—and a couple of contemporary amazing authors—like Christopher Pike and LJ Smith—there was a paucity of YA supernatural lit. YA lit was still good, but it wasn’t as wide-spread as read as it is today, and it sure as hell wasn’t the market it is today.

Today, you can find YA supernatural lit on every bookshelf. It dominates the teen sections of our libraries and I love it. The moment I’m done with a series, it’s time for another. I know I could switch to adult fantasy—and I do read those sometimes, especially since you can get more violent and more sexual in adult fantasy—but oftentimes the adult books are more boring than the YA ones. You’ll find a slower pace—not always a bad thing, of course—as well as pages and pages of descriptions about brocade gowns or swords or tapestries. Yeah, not what I’m looking for.